Using Nasturtiums

In the Garden:

The ones I planted were a dwarf annual variety. They have compact, and bushy foliage, with really neat leaves. The leaves are kind of circular and a blue green color. The flowers come in different colors, like yellow, orange, red and cream color. They are a very cheerful flower.

Nasturtiums will bloom from summer to fall. They are nice to use in the front of a flower bed as they are lower to the ground. They are good for borders, and window sills, and for container plantings.

In the Kitchen:
A chef may enjoy occasionally adding the leaves of nasturtium to salads, sandwiches, cold soups and vinegars. They have a peppery taste and are completely edible.
Some have been known to stuff the flower buds with cream cheese, or used as a beautiful garnish. As a vinegar, it makes a lovely golden herbal variety. It has a spicy accent to it.